Biggest Wins on Roobet in Summer 2023

Biggest Wins on Roobet in Summer 2023

Some of last week’s top sizzlers

Summer King Roo just disappeared over the watery horizon, and he left behind some big winners that don’t look like they’ll be leaving the beach any time soon.

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Check out some of last week’s best wins, and if you’re looking for an opportunity to join them, there’s still time to earn tickets into Summer Roo‘s $75,000 Splash!


-Team Roobet

Summer doesn’t get much better

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Johnice repped’ Roobetters worldwide after filling their pouch with $59,850, thanks to a big ROOOOOO on Roo Bonanza!

Let’s go!


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That dollar really went the distance

mandeepsingh092 is walking tall after turning a $1.00 wager into $20,000 thanks to finding the max 20,000X multiplier while riding the Emerald King Rainbow Road!

For the King

roobet promotion slot machine roobet games free money bonus rewards top slot winnersMore big wins of the week

These Roobetters hit it big!

bluefaca1 left his own legacy and walked away with $51,100 from Legacy of Dead
SK3651 took home the whole basket with a $40,803 win on Fruit Party
Moow made a sweet $23,482 thanks to Roo Bonanza!

Mr Roo has boosted the RooWards program

We gave Mr. Roo access to the codebase and… he did a thing.RooWards: Coded by a Kangaroo, for you

Here’s the thing about kangaroos. They don’t understand business, or money, or responsibility, or… much at all.

So when we asked Mr. Roo to design the world’s best rewards program, he had a pretty straightforward answer:

  • Boost the daily rakeback amount.
  • More cash back on losses.
  • 100% self-serve, builds up in real time.
  • Leveling system for permanent upgrades, based on play.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly bonuses – so there’s always something to look forward to!

…and so that’s what he did.

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Mr Roo has boosted the RooWards program to give back more than ever. Even better, you can permanently increase your RooWards, just by playing!

Share your roobet bonus code, power-level your friends Share your code with friends & family to unlock their RooWards!

Did you know you can share your roobet affiliate link with your friends to instantly boost them to RooWards Level 1?

That gives them the equivalent of $1,000 wagered, for free. Aren’t you nice?

Refer friends to instantly boost their level and earn free money forever by claiming a % of the house edge on every wager they make, win or lose, for life!

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