What Are BC Game Shitcodes And How Do I Claim Them?

What Are BC Game Shitcodes And How Do I Claim Them?

Shitcodes are casino bonuses that contain free coins with no strings attached. You can redeem them by following the instructions below. Once you redeem a BC Game Shitcode, the coins are yours. There are no impossible wager requirements and we won’t make you jump through hoops to withdraw if you so happen to win.^

Just in case you have only heard about these elusive bc game codes in chat but have never seen one, this is an example of what one looks like.

The entire string above is the code. The “$” are part of it too so make sure you copy and paste the whole thing.

Your next question is probably “Where do I find these amazing bonuses called Shitcodes?” I’m glad you asked…….

You can find bc.game shitcodes on:
BC Game Forum: https://forum.bc.game/
BC Game Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/L5YyYla7–Arsls3DgAgdw
BC Game Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcgameofficial
Unofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCGamePromoCode2023/

bc game promo shit code

So check often so you don’t miss them.

There are, of course, other ways to get your hands on a bc game Shitcode so be on the lookout for special events, chatroom games or drunken mods^^ carelessly giving Coco’s coins away.

Shitcodes have an upgraded version called Shitlinks. These do not require copying and pasting. To redeem a Shitlink, you simply click it and you will be directed to the login page at BC.Game where your coins will be there waiting for you. Enjoy and good luck!

^Under rare circumstances, you may be asked by customer service to provide info or verify your account. This only happens if we detect bonus abuses such as multi-account bonus claims.

bcgame luckyspins bitcoin reward
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What Other Bonuses Does BC.Game Offer?

Would you believe it if I told you that this was the most popular help topic? I guess a seemingly endless list of ways to enjoy free cryptocurrency at your favorite online casino has a special appeal to it. BC.Game is always thinking of new reasons to give loyal players more bonuses. Including, but not limited to the list below.

Daily Spin On The Lucky Wheel – Yes, you will get JB a lot but you will also get generous amounts of other coins too.

Hit Coco (VIP14) – Please do not actually hit him. I understand you would feel justified but if he cries, then I will cry. Instead, find him when he appears on your BC.Game screen once every 6 hours.

Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3) – Once per day, every player gets a free roll of four dice. The 10 highest rolls win. You must have placed one non JB bet on any game within the 24 hours prior to the Roll Point game.

Constant Chat Rains (VIP4) – All day, every day, you can receive free coins just by participating in chat.

Daily Wager Contest – Every 24 hours, the top ten players that wager the most will split the prize pool. The pool is progressive, meaning a small amount of every bet placed is added to the total prize amount.
Prizes Are Distributed As Follows
1st place – 50% of the Daily Contest prize pool
2nd place – 25% of the Daily Contest prize pool
3rd place – 12% of the Daily Contest prize pool
4th place – 6% of the Daily Contest prize pool
5th place – 3% of the Daily Contest prize pool
6th place – 1.5% of the Daily Contest prize pool
7th place – 0.9% of the Daily Contest prize pool
8th place – 0.7% of the Daily Contest prize pool
9th place – 0.5% of the Daily Contest prize pool
10th place – 0.4% of the Daily Contest prize pool

Rakeback (VIP14) – The amount of rakeback you get increases as your VIP levels do. You will earn either 5%, 7%, 10% or 15%. The formulas we use are:

Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 5%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 7%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 10%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 15%

bcgame rakeback bonus wagers house edge

(Remember the JB coin you were complaining about getting from the Lucky Spin? Well, you can use it to boost your rakeback an extra 5% for 1 hour.)

Master Medals – Please see the help topic article “How Do I Earn The Master Medals?” for detailed information on how to collect each one.
5 Medals: 20 BCD
10 Medals: 800 BCD
15 Medals: 2400 BCD
20 Medals: 10000 BCD

BC Game Affiliate Code Commissions – This one is by far, the most lucrative of all our bonuses. You get to earn coins while players that you invited play. I learned a trick a long time ago that helped me to refer only profitable players. Before I share my bc game affiliate code with anyone, I hold them upside down by their ankles. If money falls out of their pockets they are worthy of using my link. Affiliate commissions start at 15%. If you have exceptional traffic and marketing skills, contact bc game to discuss special rates. For detailed information, please check out the affiliate page.

This list is only a few of the ways you can earn generous bonuses at BC.Game. There are many, many more unique and hidden opportunities as well. Be part of the community to find out more.

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Master Medal Rewards

5 Medals: 20 BCD

10 Medals: 800 BCD

15 Medals: 2400 BCD

20 Medals: 10000 BCD

How Do I Earn The Master Medals?

bc game master medal rewards

Talkative: Talk in any chat room for a total of 200 days. (Does not need to be continuous for 200 days! Missing days does not impact your counter.)

Fearless One: Awarded when a user has lost approx. 5 BTC worth of coins in a single day.

The Loaded King: Have the highest wallet balance ever in the history of BC.Game. (Vault balance excluded)

Highest Contribution: Awarded to the player with highest wager ever in the history of BC.Game.

The Top Gun: Reach the highest VIP Level (SVIP 33).

The Rain Master: Receive rain 99 times.

COCO Lover: Hit Coco 200 times in total. (Not physically! Coco is a gentle croc. Every 6 hours, Coco will appear on your screen in his favorite cosplay)

Invincible Lucky Dog: Hit a 99,000x multiplier or higher payout in any game.

Contest Master: Staying as the ‘Top 3’ ranks in the monthly contest for three consecutive months! Discontinued until further notice.

Roll King: Win the ROLL Point game with a 1st place rank one time. (Roll Point game is available once every day at specific time for 10 minutes. You have to be level 3 and you must place at least one non-JB bet on any game the 24 hours prior to the ROLL Point game).

The Rain Stormer: Send a total amount of $100 in chat room rains.

Chicken Dinner: Win overall profits of $10,000 without a loss!

Loyal Player: Place 10 million bets on any games. (You can do that on hashdice easily by betting on the lowest multiplier).

Call Me Richman: Your total wager must reach $1 million.

The Old-Timer: Your account must reach the age of 1 year.

The Boss: Tip 99 different people in the chat room. (Not 99 tips but 99 tips to 99 different users).
99 problems? Not anymore, you’re the boss!

ETH TOP 1: Reach the number 1 ranking in profits of ETH. (Current record holder won 263.0463 ETH).

BTC TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of BTC. (Current record holder won 20.05 BTC).

DOGE TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of DOGE. (Current record holder won 23433146.8280 DOGE).

EOS TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of EOS. (Current record holder won 5776.2464 EOS).

JB does not participate in medal calculation
Medals can take up to 48hrs to credit to your account

All you need to know about the BC Game referral system

A referral program or an affiliate program as we call it is nothing but a reward system for users to bring in new users through them! It simply means you will get reward if a user joins via you and plays on the site!

It is a win-win situation as the casino gets new users and you get rewards for bringing in the new user! It is a passive income opportunity of a lifetime for you as you will keep earning as and when the user keeps playing!

In this post let us learn about the new ‘My Casino’ referral system here at BC Game:


BC Game offers a ‘My Casino’ USD rewards over and above the normal commission rewards for referring users.

My Casino USD rewards is a total amount of $100 divided as a reward for every level up between level 3 to level 22 for every referral that joins via you. That means over the period of time when your referral achieves new levels upto level 22 you will earn extra USD over and above your normal commission rewards!

Is the ‘My Casino USD reward’ applicable on VIP referral transfers?

Now many of you might have your buddies do a VIP transfer from other casinos to BC Game. Suppose your friend does a transfer and gets a level 13 at BC Game. In that case you will receive only the next level reward when your friend reaches the next level i.e level 14 and so on for the next achieved levels upto level 22. It is not applicable on the levels which have been directly achieved by a transfer process. Users are eligible for rewards for levels achieved through wagering.

bc game referral my casino usd rewards

As you see in the above image, there is a ‘Locked Fund’ amount mentioned. This is nothing but your own rewards which you will gradually receive when your referrals upgrade and achieve a new level.

For eg: if you have 50 referrals and as per the ‘My Casino USD Rewards’ each referral will give you $100, then the total locked fund will be 50*$100=$5000

But this amount will gradually and step by step unlock only when any of those 50 referrals level up.

You can refer the detailed level up reward table below:

affiliate usd rewards rule


It is simply a passive earning way for you as you earn commission rewards when someone you referred plays on BC Game. You will earn irrespective of your referral winning or losing!

A small percentage of your referrals wager amount will be calculated based on the following formula as a reward for you!

Your Commission= REFERRAL WAGER x HOUSE EDGE x 25%

House Edge is different for every game and it ranges from 1% to 2.7% depending on which game your referral plays.

Roulette : Wager x 2.7% x 25%

Oriental Beauties: Wager x 2.1% x 25%

Blackjack: Wager x 0.48% x 25%

Saviour Sword: Wager x 2.1% x 25%

Other games: Wager x 1% x 25 %

wager house edge

Please note that commissions are calculated once every 24 hours.

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